October 31, 2014


    The Xanga That Isn’t


    I miss Xanga, but I’m not talking about the end of my paid subscription for Xanga 2.0.   Xanga died when 2.0 was in the works.  I don’t know when it did, and at this point I don’t even care.  Xanga 2.0 was a hollow and false offering.  I’m not even mad about the money I spent for the subscription ripoff.   I just wanted Xanga to be Xanga.  I don’t care what good anyone has to say about Xanga Yuck, as I call this horrible shell of a blog community.   I was expecting things to be different with Xanga Yuck, but I still expected Xanga.  And when I talk about Xanga I don’t mean the Xanga Celebrities, and I don’t mean anything on the shallow front page… That’s it…the shallow and vapid Xanga; the “ish” stupidity, all the signs that the Xanga I loved was really dead and gone.

    When everything became about Xanga Celebrity and front page worship that’s when Xanga really died.  When the moronic “ish” sites started rolling…Things are born, mature, and then die.  I should have been like so many who just jumped ship when they pointed to issues like how the front page became so shallow.   I knew the front page had become an ugly place, but I wanted Xanga…I should have had enough respect for the great thing Xanga was, and jumped ship when things got so shallow and stupid.   Honestly all I’ve ever wanted was the Xanga community, but that ceased to exist.

    So goodbye all.  I thank you for sharing your thoughts and hearts with me, and thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts and hearts with you.

    I’d appreciate it if you would drop me a line at my email address:



    I am working on getting a new blog site set up, but the current ministry projects, in front of me, are higher on my priority list than  the new blog.  So if you would drop me a line we can keep up that way.   There are some of you I want to keep in touch with…I hope anyway!

    I am living an exciting new adventure with God, and I hope to get some time to share what that looks like.


    I’m sure I wrote something about that before, but just in case I haven’t:

    The first draft of:  THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS I NEEDED TO KNOW ABOUT GOD’S LOVE I LEARNED FROM HOOKERS, is complete.   I don’t have the time, right now to work on the second draft, but once that is done then I need to find an editor.   Once I’ve had the book edited then I will be offering the book 100% FREE OF CHARGE!!

    The book:  THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS I NEEDED TO KNOW ABOUT GOD’S LOVE I LEARNED FROM HOOKERS, will be offered in a digital download that will be completely FREE of charge to any who want to read it.   If people want to donate then I’ll post links to solid ministries to which you may donate money to, if you want to pay someone for the book.  I will never receive one solitary cent for the book.   “Freely have I been given,” and freely I will give.


    Grace and Peace to you,

    Lonnie  :-)

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  • And where will I find that book?

    • RYC: You can’t get the book anywhere yet. If the email addy I have for you is still a good one, drop me a line, and I’ll tell you a bit more about the book. At this time I don’t have the book even close to ready for publication. Once I do then I’ll go through all the Xanga contacts I do have and let everyone know. I hope some of my favorite Xangans,like you Paige, have kept many contacts from the old days. I’m hoping that with all my contacts, your contacts, John “GreekPhysique’s,” contacts, and others with contacts will enable me to notify a whole string of our fellow Xangans about the book when it is finished.

      Paige if you have time and would like to read the rough draft, I’ll send you a copy. I warn you it is really rough.

      Grace and Peace,


  • I wish you the best. I am now in wordpress and Blogster. I keep hoping Xanga will recover. I was given a free 6 month extenuation thanks to a tip by Val.

    Wishing you lots of success,


    • RYC: Frank you quickly became one of my favorite Xangans. I hope to find your other web pages when I have time to go looking. I would like to have kept better track of your great posts, but I get really, really busy. I don’t even call my, 81 years young, mother like I should. Yes, I am a bad son, and I confess it.

      God bless you, my friend, and keep you strong in the life, power, and the grace of God in Christ Jesus!!

      Lonnie :-)

  • Love you friend, hope you and I will cross paths again soon. Best wishes.

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